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About N O W Archive

(Absolute Value of Noise is a sound artist from Vancouver. He creates radio, installations, network projects, performances, curatorial projects, and handmade CD editions.)

Recent Audio Releases + Installations

Water Line / Estuary Almanac a 365 day generative radio stream for KONTINUUM, April 2023 - March 2024. By Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz.


Morse Mountain a late night generative radio stream for Festival Tsonami, December 2022. By Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz. Transmitting on Radio Lada from December 1st, 2023 into the new year.


Solar Radio Wave Farm an outdoor radio installation for Wave Farm, August/September 2022. By Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz.


The Talking Tree a generative radio stream for Radio Art Zone, July 2022.


Current Connections

The Conduction Series on WGXC Wave Farm. Live collaborative radio on the first friday of every month.

Circuits that wake up with the sun released on Sounds of the Sun, Volume I Cassette by UNIT/PITT July 2023.

Various pieces on IFAR Musique Concrète compilations. Produced by Shaun Robert.
 · magnetism coils, released January 2, 2021.
 · Bubbles, released October 3, 2020.
 · 15 records with dirt and locked inner groove, released August 26, 2020.
 · shortwave silence, released July 10, 2020.
 · flexi scissor exacto, released February 12, 2020.

Crown XXI with Absolute Value of Noise and Roberto Paci Dalò. Performed live March 21, 2020 over the net for USMA Radio.



Solar Radio (an outdoor solar powered radio installation) is currently streaming when it is awake on NoiseartRadio.

NoiseartRadio - Solar Radio streams when the AI is awake.

Morse Mountain streaming 24/7 on NoiseartRadio2, starting January 1, 2023.

NoiseartRadio2 - Key Clicks.


absolute value of insomnia - a four hour generative radio show - airs every Sunday morning from 2 am to 6 am on CITR FM 101.9 in Vancouver.




absolutevalueofnoise.ca   |   audio available on bandcamp