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SK-46: Ribbon Velocity
Ribbon microphone feedback by Absolute Value of Noise © 2002.

Bidirectional Ribbon Velocity Microphone
circa 1950s

Feedback Tests
by absolute value of noise
circa 2002

An EP of three short feedback performances done with a 1950s RCA SK-46 ribbon microphone. Originally recorded November 24, 2002. Recovered from my DAT tape collection in 2015.

Sometime in the early 90s a friend gave me a defunct SK-46 microphone. When I plugged it in it buzzed and I could hear a faint impression of the sound of my voice when I talked into it. Years later, I took the microphone apart, rewired it, and made it work. Inside, the ribbon mic consists of a large rectangular magnet with a thin gold ribbon running from one side to the other along the length.

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