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Monster Audio
A generative audio applet by Absolute Value of Noise 1998.

Monster Audio was a generative sound applet that ran in the browser using Java (back in 1998). It was lo-fi and gritty, but it played an endlessly remixed collage using sounds from the first four editions of 24 Hours of Radio/ART. The technology is somewhat obsolete (now that I'm writing in 2015), so what we have here is a short recording of the original random stream. At the end of 2014, I was commissioned by New Adventures in Sound Art to do an archival radio show and write an essay about 24 Hours of Radio/ART. You can find the show and the essay here.


Monster Audio - an excerpt recorded March 2015.


PRIVATE RADIO - Monster Audio
(a Java Applet audio animator)

.. it's going to take a lot .. private radio ID .. buckle-up .. no boundary condition .. pariah .. metal music .. politics is not noise .. toxic option syndrome .. boris bop .. everything you knowiw .. soon you'll feel this .. ambience .. G42 .. sirens .. toxic option syndrome .. nice night .. sound of reality .. the buzz .. leaving home .. G42 .. watch the meter .. something is clearly wrong .. behave yourself .. chant .. politics is not noise .. truth channel .. no boundary condition .. the blizzard .. international noise day .. absolute value of noise .. mass produced objects .. sound of truth .. good morning .. sound of reality .. personal services .. the dark ages .. crossed wires .. rob phones in .. tone generator .. a market in london ..

Private Radio has involved many connections with audio artists around the globe - on tape, on the telephone, and in person. Programming has included the rebroadcasting of shows from afar, live sound collage on-air using tape and turntables, and improvised performances with alternative instruments (including vacuums, lawn mowers, vibrators, chains, and oil drums). This web-site is intended to deliver a low-fi, often chaotic version of the Private Radio experience directly to your home, via the internet. Selections from the 96 hours of programming are indirectly accessible through the AUDIO MONSTER. This is a Java Applet that serves up a semi-random collision of sound sources. Let it run for an hour, a day, a week. New patterns will evolve, new sources will be added, your ears will be soothed and annoyed.  -  Absolute Value of Noise, May 1998.



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