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Luminiferous Noise Machine
A generative radio stream for Art's Birthday
by Absolute Value of Noise and Gívan Belá © 2017.

From the vales of Kra Land to the mountain peaks of Lotus Land, two horn players simulate the sounds of the airways that stretch in between. With cornet and pocket trumpet they create odd tunings of radio waves, the sound of angels bouncing off the stratosphere, and the noise of birds circling among the clouds.

In celebration of Art's Birthday, the piece will be streamed on NoiseartRadio from midnight January 16 to midnight January 18 (PST), 2017. Cornet by Absolute Value of Noise in Vancouver, Canada. Pocket Trumpet by Gívan Belá in Vysočina, Czech Republic.


Excerpt from the stream - "Four Again" (Geese).


Excerpt from the stream - "Cornet Shortwave" (Angels).


Excerpt from the stream - "Trombone".


Excerpt from the stream - "One Again".


Excerpt from the stream - "Voice from the deep".


Luminiferous Noise Machine - card for Art's Birthday, January 2017.

Luminiferous Noise Machine - Kra Land meets Lotus Land, January 2017.



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