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Tuning (Terrestrial | Transcendent)
Two mellow radio pieces to close out the summer in the northern hemisphere - by Absolute Value of Noise © 2017.

"Scavenging" plays with recordings from a live performance at Destroy Vancouver 15 (March 12, 2016). This show was produced by John Brennan, Elisa Ferrari and VIVO. I moved around the stage with my large bicycle wheel ELF antenna and discovered magnetic frequencies resonating in the semi-dormant equipment of the other performers (who had setup their gear on stage before the show). Katherine Kline (from Canada) was stage right; Arma Agharta (from Lithuania) was stage left; Peter Kutin (from Austria) was up stage; and a few circuits were suspended from the ceiling down stage in the middle. This piece is a remix of the live ELF recordings.
parts list: intro (00:00) .. kk (00:40) .. aa (06:20) .. pk (10:54) .. extro (17:00) .. fin (17:50).

"Luminiferous" is based around the sounds of shortwave radio tuning as simulated on the cornet. The piece is extracted and remixed from a generative web-stream that I made with Gívan Belá for Art's Birthday: January 17, 2017. The piece imagines a journey through the upper atmosphere where sounds from Vancouver travel to meet up with sounds from Vysočina. In between they encounter high-flying birds and perhaps the mysterious sounds of angels bouncing off the stratosphere. Cornet by absolute value of noise. Pocket Trumpet by Gívan Belá.
parts list: cornet shortwave (00:00) .. cornet geese (01:58) .. guy 4 a (05:05) .. guy 1 a (16:53) .. fin (22:27).


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absolute value of noise at Destroy Vancouver 15 - March 12, 2016.


terrestrial | transcendent radio tuner - cover art, September 2017.



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