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Embodied Radio Device
A generative radio stream for Art's Birthday 2019
by Anna Friz and Absolute Value of Noise © 2019

Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz team up to present a mixture of sounds based on artificial intelligence and human controlled synthesizer systems. The AI is trying to recreate the sounds of life in its immediate environment - imitating the sounds of insects, birds, frogs, magnetic phenomena, the wind moving through the trees, rain falling, and waves on the ocean. The humans play along with voice (the human synthesizer) and the evocative sounds of the Tetrax Organ.

Absolute Value of Noise's new outdoor installation work - Solar Radio - provides the "artificial". It responds to it's environment and the state of the sun by playing with simple AI sound synthesis algorithms. Anna Friz brings an analog feel to the piece, working with her voice and a variety of radio gadgets and cottage-built electronics.

Loosely defined, the piece has five parts: rain, birds, magnetics, river delta, and the sun.


Embodied Radio Device - recording of stream from January 17, 2019.

AF - Tetrax Organ, manipulated voice   |   AVN - Solar Radio AI synth-software



absolutevalueofnoise.ca   |   audio available on bandcamp