absolute value of noise
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Mechanical Velocities
A generative audio piece by Anna Friz and Absolute Value of Noise © 2020

Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz team up to present a piece inspired by the speed and sounds of hummingbirds. Thinking about the interplay between organic and synthetic worlds, the artists play with field recordings, simulation and synthesis. The synthesizer tries to mimic the acoustic sound of the hummingbird, but ultimately ends up creating something different and imaginary, with both digital and mechanical movements. We imagine the meetings of these beings: organic, material, or algorithmic. How does our experience of the non-human world change when we try to listen and recreate it through sound and electronics? Sonic sources include cornet, hummingbirds, software simulator, Tetrax Organ, feedback box, analog electronics, and voice.


Excerpt (one loop) from the stream.

AF - Tetrax Organ, feedback box, analog electronics | AVN - cornet, software simulator, voice | Anna's Radiophonic Hummingbird - tch, wing sounds.

Originally made for Radiophrenia, November 2020 in Glasgow.

Streamed for Art's Birthday 2021, January 17.


Anna's hummingbird photo by Lori Weidenhammer, 2020.



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