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Café ELF
A generative radio piece by Absolute Value of Noise © 2012.

Café ELF is a generative audio stream of magnetic radiation from Solder & Sons (a local café and bookstore that was open circa 2007-2013). In celebration of Art's Birthday, the stream was broadcast from midnight January 14 to midnight January 20 (GMT), 2012.


You can listen to this piece on Bandcamp


The café was "visited" by an Extremely Low Frequency receiver that uses an antenna made from a bicycle wheel rim. The "rhythm section" in this piece comes from a small but powerful electric heater nestled up against the bookshelves. I've been working with ELF recordings for a number of years. Check out these links for more information (and sounds) ..


Light Blub (2004)

Magnetic Focus (2006/2008)

Somewhere a Voice is Calling (2007/2008)

Extremity Cassette (2009)

Poison Mentor (2009)

Resonant Elf (2010)

The Silent Speaker (2010)


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