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Performance (2007) Audio CD Edition (2014)

Somewhere a Voice is Calling
CD Audio Edition by Absolute Value of Noise, Anna Friz, and Glenn Gear © 2014

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Track Info

(1) Natural Radio (3:54)   Before humankind figured out how to zap the air and send messages to each other using sparks, the radio-sphere was much quieter - interrupted only by the occasional lightning strike or the hum of the aurora borealis.

(2) Ship to Shore (6:31)   Morse code was the voice of spark transmitters, a way for ships to tell when they were close to shore, a way to communicate about the patterns of weather, and the location of obstacles and other ships.

(3) Sea Monster (5:56)   Signals and ships travel over and under the sea by airwave and telegraph signal. Sailors dream of the deeps and the creatures that live within the dark waters.

(4) Biomagnetism (6:49)   Years from now (in the late 1920s), a Russian scientist will use this new found technology to make a musical instrument. It will play on the shores of New York City, a continuous wave interference machine, a link from the future to the past.

(5) I'se the B'y (8:45)   Out on the deep sea, even with an early radio transceiver, the ship is on its own with no means of communicating with the shore. The sailors become one with the ocean, as if sinking under it for a while, becoming part of its magic and danger, until the land is found again.

(6) Hymn (6:40)   On December 25, 1906 Fessenden broadcast this song on his new higher-fidelity transmitter.

(7) Snow (4:50)   A two-way communication from the east coast of the USA to the north of Scotland. Fessenden and his associates achieve voice communication during the winter, over thousands of miles of ocean.

(8) Magnetic Radio (7:02)   The future - our world of electro-smog. Magnetic waves are everywhere and only the discerning brains of digital receivers can make sense of them. If we listen with old coils and early radio equipment we only hear the strange pitches and near-melodies made by interference patterns.


(CD cover image by Glenn Gear, July 2014)



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