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An audio CD edition by Absolute Value of Noise
and Roberto Paci Dalò © 2005.

absolute value of noise (Vancouver, Canada) and Roberto Paci Dalò (Rimini, Italy) first met in the fall of 2001 when they collaborated on .. devolve into II .. an international network streaming piece that involved 13 artists from around the world. The devolve project took them to an odd, tunnel shaped room under the national radio building in Vienna. Here, Roberto suggested doing a further collaboration. Four years later, during another international network project (Reverie: Noise City), this time in Vancouver, the artists took time-out to jam. Roberto worked in the digital domain - with samples, a Nord Modular, and some CD manipulation. absolute value of noise worked in the analog domain - with a custom turntable used to playback handcut grooves, a wire coil wrapped around a light bulb, and feedback from a 1950's ribbon microphone. The recordings from this session were edited and fed into a slightly improved version of the generative audio mixing software that avn developed for the devolve project. The resulting reanimation - performed live by the software - is here on this CD.

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roberto paci dalò - digital | analog - absolute value of noise
produced by absolute value of noise and L'Arte dell'Ascolto (a project of Giardini Pensili) © 2005



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