.. devolve into II .. [Introduction]

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".. devolve into II .." is an international network streaming project that involves contributions from Peter Courtemanche and Lori Weidenhammer (Vancouver), Roberto Paci Dalo' (Rimini), Kim Dawn and Scott Russell (Vancouver), Maex Decker and Ushi Reiter (Linz), Andrew Garton (Melbourne), Ken Gregory (Winnipeg), Emilia Telese and Tim Mark Didymus (Brighton), Wolfgang Temmel (Wies, Steiermark), and Fujui Wang (Taipei).

The project has several components and manifestations that are facilitated by mediums of exchange - web-cams, audio streams, radio broadcasts, publications, objects, mail-art, installation, and performance. The work is interdisciplinary, informed by many regional and global artistic traditions and practices that use sound, video, sculpture, movement, the page, physical interventions, and social gatherings.

The on-line component provides the basis for exchange - including the streams, the ideas/inspirations, and the artists' biographies.

The on-air components are radio broadcasts - including re-mixes of the audio streams and pre-produced work by the artists.

The on-site components are specific installations and performances scheduled to take place between January 17th and March 30th, 2002.

Media theorist Reinhard Braun has written an essay to accompany a CD release of audio works by the artists.

".. devolve into II .." was inspired by earlier Kunstradio projects including Immersive Sound (negotiating live audio streams in Bregenz, Austria, 1998) and Sound Drifting (generative audio streams at Ars Electronica, 1999). ".. devolve into (I) .." was produced for Kunstradio and Musikprotokoll in Graz, October 2000. The piece was a prototype for a larger system. It featured the work of four artists: Shawn Chappelle, Joelle Ciona, Peter Courtemanche, and Lori Weidenhammer.

".. devolve into II .." has evolved to include a mix of live streams, recycled excerpts (recordings) of these live streams, and pre-produced (uploaded) content. These materials are then available to be re-mixed into new streams.

The on-site work - "Cadillac Desert" - is an installation piece that feeds on the web streams and develops an exchange between the physical gallery space and virtual locations. This installation work is also intended as a conceptual departure point for the other streaming components.

The project is supported by:

aaeol.ca and the Western Front Society, 303 E 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5T 1S1
"promoting the role of the artist in determining the cultural ecology".

Kunstradio ORF, Argentinierstr. 30a, A - 1040, Vienna, Austria.

and Bayerischer Rundfunk, Rundfunkplatz 1, 80300 Muenchen, Germany.