.. devolve into II .. [On Air]

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March 17, 2002 11:05 p.m. CET - 12:00 p.m.CET
Oesterreich 1 and Radio Oesterreich International.
Kunstradio Live radio version in conjunction with the on site installation in Vienna. From studio RP4, Vienna Broadcastinghouse.
Klangtheater Live radio

March 24, 2002 between 11:00 p.m. and 12:00 p.m. CET, 20 minutes
Bayern2Radio/ hr2 /WDR 3/ Oe1/ NordwestRadio/ SR2.
Intermedium 2 - radio broadcast (mix from the Klangtheater installation in Vienna).
ZKM Radio/Intermedium2 Radio piece

March 31, 2002 11:05 p.m. - 12:00 p.m.CET
Oesterreich 1 and Radio Oesterreich International.
Kunstradio radio broadcast (mix from the performance at Intermedium 2).

Each of the participating artists has been commissioned to realise a radio version. These versions will include new works derived from the streamed content of ".. devolve into II .." - either solo works by the individual artists, or remixes of the on line streams.

The radio pieces will be aired as a loose series on the weekly radio-art program Kunstradio on Oesterreich 1, the cultural radio channel of the National Austrian Radio and TV (ORF).


Programme Schedule

May 19, 2002 Stage Land: "diving the Jesus format"
by Emilia Telese & Tim Mark Didymus

May 26, 2002 "Hear You Can't Hear"
by Fujui Wang

July 7, 2002 "Cadillac Desert" radio mix
by Peter Courtemanche und Lori Weidenhammer

July 21, 2002 "Digital Modification for the Creation of New Hybrid Soundscapes"
by Ken Gregory

October 20, 2002 "devolve into II"
with Ushi Reiter und Maex Decker


Kunstradio will be releasing an audio CD and booklet as another aspect of this project.