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January 17th, 2002 (24 Hours)
Art's Birthday exchange at the Western Front, Vancouver.

March 8, 2002 (10 am PST to 4 pm PST)
A virtual preview of the installation stream mixer.

March 18-20, 2002
An immersive installation at the Klangtheater (Sound-theater), Radiokulturhaus, Vienna.

March 23, 2002
Intermedium 2 in Karlsruhe - performance in the Kubus of the ZKM (at 7 pm CET).

March 5 - 24, 2002
Lori Weidenhammer's diary during the on-site events.

April 21, 2002
E-lounge at Video In in Vancouver - performance/installation at 9:30 pm PST.

The on-site work is based on an installation piece entitled "Cadillac Desert". The installation software mixes the sound and images from the different streams and the result is projected into the space. Conceptually, the piece creates a virtual immersive environment that develops an exchange between the physical exhibition space and the virtual locations that exist on four different continents (Australia, Asia, North America, and Europe).

The events starting on March 8th and running to March 24th encapsulate different forms of this work. The preview is a live streaming event that brings all of the participants together on the same day to experiment and test the system. The installation at the Klangtheater is an immersive space featuring a diffused sound system and video projections of streamed content that is processed or mixed in different ways. The performance at Intermedium 2 uses the material from the installation, but presented in a live context. Throught the schedule of events, Lori Weidenhammer will keep a diary of her impressions on the tour and thoughts about mermaids.

The title of the installation software, "Cadillac Desert", is taken from a book refered to by Howard V. Hendrix in a story called "The Music of What Happens". In the book within a book, the protagonist is a park superintendent who wants to photograph Yosemite park in minute detail, publish the photographs all over the United States, and then (with the beauty duly recorded/documented) build a dam and flood the valley for a massive irrigation project. This idea returns with Hendrix's character - a billionaire who buys Yosemite park and hires a leading media artist of the day to record it using virtual reality technology.

"Cadillac Desert" deals with the idea of the capitalist who catalogues (or "makes virtual") the beauty of the wilderness shortly before destroying it for commercial gain. It questions the role of media providing an excuse for ignoring our physical surroundings. Once an environment has been copied into the virtual domain, Man's sense of responsibility for the physical starts to falter.

The piece refers to the virtual, ideas of public versus private, and their the connection to the physical places from which the electronic content is derived. Inside the installation, the viewer moves within a rendition of the artist's house. This house is idealized and extended into the electronic domain.

Within the walls, windows, and other spaces of the structure there are places where the outside world enters - in the form of netcast images and sounds from remote locations. The streams that arrive at the installation site are merged within the house and sent back to their origin. The viewer is able to see the difference between the immediate on-site environment and the remote content. There is a sense of exchange and communication between nodes in the network.