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Memory Effect 002 : S27°31.479' E153°06.672'
by Andrew Garton

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Memory Effect 002 : S27°31.479' E153°06.672'
by Andrew Garton

Memory Effect 002 is a generative composition consisting of three synthesised voices, each comprised of a tone generator, a particle synthesiser (granulator) and delays.

Root values of the piece are based on a chromatic sequence (F#, A, C#, E), arranged and compiled within the generative sound/music application, Koan.

A three note melody is played in voices 2 and 3 with Koan's Pattern Use values of 68%. An additional Koan Mutation Factor of 611/1000, provides significant variation of the simple three note melody.

Voice 2 contains a three note chord structure that varies in density over time. Voice 3 contains a two note chord structure carrying the same change values as Voice 2.

Each iteration of Memory Effect 002 is defined by the GPS coordinates of the location it was recorded in. S27°31.479' E153°06.672' (private location, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia).

The images supporting this piece depict the location of GPS satellites at the time of the inception of Memory Effect 002. A series of photos taken within the vicinity of the recording and recording environment place the piece within a physical and annecdotal context.

"Memory Effect" is a series of generatve compositions based on an emergent methodology developed by the composer for the development and recording of generative works in spatial time.

GPS coordinates and eventually time and elevation details document the moment(s) in which a single iteration is archived. This also records the movement of new compositional possibilities available to the nomad (digital) composer/producer, a personal map of influences... a trail of creative trajectories, a data song of micro spheres, the horizon the extent of the piece and satellites 19,200 kilometers above in their silence mapping out a contextual snapshot, devolving into ephemera...

Andrew Garton, a Melbourne based sound and media artist, began composing electronic music in the late 70s. He studied composition in Sydney under Sykes Rose in the early 80s and performed with numerous bands, ensembles and free improvisation groups.

Andrew has written for television, the stage and has contributed to several international collaborations, with artists such as Ludwig Zeininger, Kazayuki Null, Hank Bull, Ollie Olsen, Stelarc, Robert Iolini, David Nerlich, Tetsuo Kogawa, Jimi Chen and Martin Breindl.

He has been producing generative artworks since 1996 and more recently, has collaborated with video artists from Melbourne and Taipei towards a simultaneous live performance of sound and image based on traditional improvisational techniques.

Andrew‚s work is informed by social and cultural concerns, particularly those of immigration and cultural dislocation. His soundworks are released under Secession Records, the publishing arm of the Melbourne based, Toy Satellite Collective.

Andrew is a Master of Arts Graduate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and is frequently engaged in Internet and cultural projects throughout South East Asia.

This project has been made possible with assitance from SSEYO, makers of Koan generative audio products.