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The Grim Nymph
by Lori Weidenhammer

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The Grim Nymph
by Lori Weidenhammer

(Lori Weidenhammer's project diary can be found here - with notes about her contributions to the streams - entitled The Grim Nymph).

Lori Weidenhammer is a feminist performance artist who experiments both with new technologies and traditions of theatre. Based in Vancouver, Canada, she is currently developing a three part performance/installation piece using medieval undergarments.

Recent works include:

Brain Dress (1999) - a performance and installation that uses the interactive interface of a brain-like dress to activate memories projected on a screen.

Divining for Lost Sound (in collaboration with Peter Courtemanche, 1996) - an outdoor interactive installation that invites the listener to locate sound that is buried under the earth. The interface is a divining rod with headphones attached.