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by Ushi Reiter and Maex Decker

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by Ushi Reiter and Maex Decker

people are crossing a static view of differend city scapes and create a basic chaotic movement in the cutting. A second layer which defines the space between the people overlay the movie's presenttime with a time-delay. The processed image view simulate a multidimensional perspective of space. The received images become the subjective reality. the phaseshift described with a nonlinear.linear construction of the audio sequence. noise and a small cutoff of noise, played repitive and exact in sync, are combined with the analogue nonlinear noise. the breaking lines of time, the crossing of the linear.nonlinear timesequence as a moment of sync, is the point of a translational displacement of rhythm in the linear sequence and makes a new shift into this two timesystems.

Ushi Reiter

Between 1990 and 1997 I studied visual Design and Communication at the KunsuniverstSt Linz. Since 1997 I have worked as web developer, artist and grafik designer with special interest in net.activism and audio-visual communication as art to distribute data for purposes of manipulation and propaganda in the field between art and politics.

I continue to work on the analysis, design and noncommercial communication tools with a special focus on gender-specific handling of technologie as well as conceptual and performative works in mixed media.

since 1999 *prairie/www.prairie.at - prairie is a critical online zine which obsesses the current social developement of austrian politics as well as focus and spots curious effects of a changing society under the influence of information age.

1999 THE THING New York | audiovisual 3d environment | Lshell - http://www.basicray.org/lshell/ - Exhibition Vienna | http://synreal.netbase.org/

video/screening paris - 1999 baddata / screening togehter with maex decker

2000 EMO-Extended Media Object (in progress www.autonomedia.org). - A Reflection on the net-generation together with Valdimir Muzhesky.

2001 XXERO - www.xxero.net :: ongoing - A texbased virtual reality based on a moo system.-collaborativ work

ARS Electronica 2001 - translation procexx /sound installation / - www.basicray.org/procexx

maex decker

working with all kinds of electronic media electronic audio, digital.analogue. the main interest is the description of signals in electronic circuits. the auditive bursts of this pulse signals caused a intesive work on the borders of sound and space. some of this projects for instance are: l_void, hame, fader,...

operator: FirstFloor Electronix. jomasounds. Qujochoe-Multiples Plateau fuer Kunst und Kultur.

additional activities are: dj sets, live-sets e.g. on the ars electronica festival, continent helsinki2000, ica london, and participation on festivals in europe and us.