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Stage Land
by Tim Mark Didymus & Emilia Telese

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Stage Land
by Tim Mark Didymus & Emilia Telese

The cross is Europe's historical symbol, two lines or stories which at the point of meeting can be thought of as cutting or layering one another.

Stage Land brings together audio-visual media from eleven different countries in an attempt to find chiastic forms in time and place. For example, you can hear recordings of French economist Jacques Attali talking in London as the English composer listens to the cityscapes of Paris.

Like film frames, history is viewed through many angles, each acquiring a new significance. "You have to forget something for its recollection to take place, the image is the 'thing' that is in a state of disappearing".*

Notes & Acknowledgements
* 'Index and Erasure: GodardÔs Approach to History ' by Trond Lundemo: Stockholm University Dr Jacques Attali: Paris University
With special thanks to Alistair Jolley M.A. + James S. Williams: University of Kent; Michael Witt: University of Surrey; Michael Temple: Birkbeck College, London; Organizers of the 'Forever Godard' conference, 21st-24th June 2001, Tate Modern.

Tim Mark Didymus has been using generative software to realise audio/media works since 1993 completing his first album of generative audio works 'Float' released in 1996. TMD is Principal Musician for Sseyo, Bafta award winning multimedia/software technologists.

Selected works: "STOP for blink",a video work about the freeze-frame and its effect on the soundtrack set in Scandinavia (http://www.shingtactical.com/stopforblink, and http://www.publikation.cjb.net ).

For more info, visit http://www.didymus.co.uk and http://www.shingtactical.com.

Emilia Telese has been involved in installation and time based arts since 1994, while graduating at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence, and in multimedia arts while Assistant Director of BN1, the "Museum without walls" (http://www.bn1.co.uk). Alongside her artistic practice, she is Artist Resource Manager at Fabrica Gallery in Brighton ( http://www.fabrica.org.uk) and a freelance art journalist and project manager. Her latest work includes Transmit with Liquidstatic, for the CYNET2001 Festival for Computer Aided Art, Dresden Germany (www.body-bytes.de) and the III Festival of Experimental Art & Performance, St Petersbourg Russia. Her next work Parallel Lives, an installation with Russian artist Igor Baskin, is due to tour Russia, Australia and the UK in 2002.

For more info, visit http://www.emiliatelese.com and http://www.shingtactical.com

Emilia Telese and Tim Mark Didymus started working together in 1999 with Mecha-Voices, for Ars Electronica 99 in Linz, Austria (http://thing.at/orfkunstradio/SD ), the first of a speech and sound trilogy also including TM for the 4th Werkleitz Biennale of Multimedia Arts, Germany (http://www.kulturserver.de/home/TM), and Rename-Real Name, for GA 2000 Generative Art Exhibition Politecnico di Milano University, Milan, Italy (http://www.shingtactical.com/rename).

Their work has been funded by The British Council, Millennium Festival Awards, Awards For All, South East Arts and local UK Borough Councils.