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Gravity Rising © 2014
A generative audio stream for Art's Birthday 2015. Listen Here (or download the playlist file to run in your favourite mp3 player).

Somewhere a voice is calling © 2014
An audio CD release with Anna Friz and Glenn Gear. Inspired by Reginald Aubrey Fessensen and the early days of radio on the Atlantic Ocean.

Republic of the Southern Cross © 2014
A "double album" of sci-fi soundtracks created with magnetic radiation.

Possession © 2013
An audio installation with 11 hand-made speaker trumpets. Inspired by "Bone Dance" (1991) a novel by Emma Bull.

Drop = Blip = Clatter (Rain Stick) © 2013
A piece that uses the power of the rain and the sun to orchestrate tiny pager motors embedded in a series of bamboo tubes. Showing as part of The Rain Gatherers by Second Site collective. At the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden March 9 through April 14, 2013.

absolute value of insomnia is now airing every week on Sunday from 2am to 6am. Tune in to CITR FM 101.9 in Vancouver or on the web at citr.ca. This show is mixed by generative software and features the sounds of AVN, Bill Mullan, Anna Friz, Adam Sloan and other contributing artists.


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Influenced by Merzbow, the Haters and other denizens of noise-art culture, absolute value of noise takes sound to the extreme. Originating as a radio-art program on CiTR FM, Vancouver (from 1988 to 1992), productions include radio-art, performance, installation, net-art and a variety of collaborative projects. The artist works with feedback, distortion, mechanical devices and hand-built instruments to create both intense collages and minimal sonic threads.