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About N O W Archive

(Absolute Value of Noise is a sound artist from Vancouver. He creates radio, installations, network projects, performances, curatorial projects, and handmade CD editions.)

Upcoming Shows

New work will be showing up at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre between May 27 and June 7, 2015 as part of Second Site collective's Wind Garden.


Recent Shows

Radio with Everything at Hand - a radio show, essay, and performance about the history of 24 Hours of Radio/ART. Commissioned by New Adventures in Sound Art for January 2015.


Recent Audio Releases

Somewhere a voice is calling with Absolute Value of Noise, Anna Friz, and Glenn Gear. (Released October 2014).


Republic of the Southern Cross - a collection of ELF sci-fi soundtracks. Inspired in part by a story by Valeri Briusov. (Released May 2014).



Gravity Rising (the generative version) is currently streaming 24/7 on NoiseartRadio.

NoiseartRadio - Gravity Rising.

LMYvii is currently streaming 24/7 on NoiseartRadio2.

NoiseartRadio2 - LMYvii.


absolute value of insomnia - a four hour generative radio show - airs every Sunday morning from 2 am to 6 am on CITR FM 101.9 in Vancouver.




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