Filmstrip Lori Weidenhammer
(Biographical information from October 2000)

Lori Weidenhammer is a feminist performance artist from Cactus Lake, Saskatchewan. She has participated in two residencies at the Banff Center for the Arts, the Instability of the Feminist Subject, and Action Poetry. She has performed in various artist run spaces and other venues accross Canada. As a curator, she has developed collaborative work for the Internet (Postcards from the Feminist Utopia, 1996) and curated "Reinventing The Diva" (a performance art festival, 1998). She uses video, audio, and computer interactive systems in her work. She works with the image of herself in costume and character. Her most recent work is "Brain Dress" - a costume designed like the folds of the brain. When she touches different regions on the garment, video and sound memories playback on the wall behind her. Lori is currently developing three new interactive costumes that reference the history of under garments.

Audio Excerpts

breast pump text (64K mpeg-3)
pumping (64K mpeg-3)
lullaby duet (64K mpeg-3)
ulli's cry (64K mpeg-3)