Filmstrip Joelle Ciona
(Biographical information from October 2000)

Joelle Ciona is an interdisciplinary artist working predominately in performance. Her work includes sound, video, physical action and text. Influenced by the rigour of her architectural training and a love of spontaneity, Joelle's work combines elements of chance and formal structure. Born and raised in Saskatchewan and matured in Montreal, Quebec, Joelle has been on the West Coast for three years now. Favorite projects include the Audio Visual Album of North America, a road trip taken to catalogue acoustic environments with Jean Routhier, electroacoustic composer, 1996 - present. Recently she has developed a number of solo works based on insects and elemental human states of desire and consumption. These works have been performed at the Western Front, the Helen Pitt Gallery (Vancouver) and at Full Nelson! (presented by Powderkeg Contemporary Performance, Union Station, Seattle, WA). This project will soon be in the form of an interactive web site.

Audio Excerpts

alter (64K mpeg-3)
cry (64K mpeg-3)
monk A (64K mpeg-3)
puke (64K mpeg-3)