Filmstrip Shawn Chappelle
(Biographical information from October 2000)

Shawn Chappelle is a Vancouver based video and sound artist working primarily in the digital realm. Chappelle has been exploring techno-collage montage aesthetics for the past five years, culminating in his recent piece Far Reaches (1998) which has shown throughout Europe and North America. Far Reaches was included in a Western Front retrospective for the Images Festival in Toronto. Shawn's work has recently shown at the MOMA and The Anthology Film Archives in New York, The Museum of Ethnography in Switzerland, a solo show at the Art Gallery of Ontario, and was purchased by the National Gallery of Canada for the 20th anniversary traveling exhibition Fragile Electrons.

Audio Excerpts

satellitez (64K mpeg-3)
popartzy (64K mpeg-3)
xxx (64K mpeg-3)
tarot (64K mpeg-3)
mexico (64K mpeg-3)
the last room (64K mpeg-3)