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Silence Descends audio art edition 1999

nowhere by Eileen Kage (128Kb/s stereo :: 1.1 MB) pristine voice of Andreas Kahre (128Kb/s stereo :: 0.3 MB) Bons Perdants by Joelle Ciona (128Kb/s stereo :: 5.4 MB) "it's out there" by Shawn Chappelle (128Kb/s stereo :: 3.8 MB) The Call by Eileen Kage (128Kb/s stereo :: 1.1 MB) One Kind Favour by Anna Friz (128Kb/s stereo :: 4.1 MB) Omega Sunsets by Bill Mullan (128Kb/s stereo :: 3.2 MB) Wide River by Bill Mullan (128Kb/s stereo :: 2.4 MB) Dive by Shawn Chappelle (128Kb/s stereo :: 3.2 MB) a place of dead ideas by Peter Courtemanche (128Kb/s stereo :: 6.1 MB) potstretch by Eileen Kage (128Kb/s stereo :: 0.6 MB) Radio Ragnarok by Anna Friz (128Kb/s stereo :: 2.9 MB) Mack the Knife .. generated (128Kb/s stereo :: 14.4 MB)

Produced by Western Front - Front Records 002
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