In his book "Silence Descends" (Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver, 1997) George Case describes the end of the Information Age - starting at the present day and progressing to a point 500 years in the future.

Inspired by the book, this CD is the result of a collaboration among several sound artists with diverse artistic backgrounds - including video, live projection, radio, noise, sound installation, music, performance and writing.

Other components of the project included variations and extensions of the work in performance, and a web site that featured a generative radio algorithm (an automated re-mix, producing a never-ending web-cast).

The process of group collaboration involved several live jam sessions exploring sounds from traditional instruments, home-made instruments, Foley effects, vocal stretches, and tape. These sessions provided much of the raw material for the CD. The artists chose samples and excerpts from these sessions, augmented or replaced them with taped material from more controlled recordings, and layered the sounds into the resulting compositions.

The work describes the end of the Information Age - from the beginnings of endless chatter and natural disaster, through the last frontiers of space and time, the depths of the ocean, the processes of death, somewhere a group of dazed musicians crawl out from the rubble and into the future where the Information Age is purely a memory.