an evening of sonic performance
projections, live mixes and more personal interventions

CD Launch

featuring the work of: Shawn Chappelle, Joelle Ciona, Peter Courtemanche, Anna Friz, Eileen Kage and Bill Mullan

Wednesday October 27, 1999, 8 PM at the Western Front
free admission

In his book "Silence Descends" (Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver, 1997) George Case describes the end of the Information Age - starting at the present day and progressing to a point 500 years in the future.

Inspired by the book, this project is a collaboration among several sound artists with diverse artistic backgrounds - including video, live projection, radio, noise, sound installation, music, performance and writing.

This project evolved as a group residency aimed at producing
material for a CD, presenting variations and extensions of the work in performance, and building a web site that includes a generative radio algorithm that re-mixes sounds from the recording sessions in a never-ending web-cast.

The work describes the end of the Information Age - from the beginnings of endless chatter and natural disaster, through the last frontiers of space and time, the depths of the ocean, the processes of death. Somewhere a group of dazed musicians crawl out from the rubble and into the future where the Information Age is purely a memory.

An endless Internet broadcast to ARS Electronica in Austria will be on-line from September 1 - 14, 1999.